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When it comes to lolita fashion, lolita shoes are important part. Lolita shoes are necessary accessories to complete lolita styles. salelolita is such a place offering various of fashion lolita shoes, so by the time you have made the decision to buy a lolita dress or something you can directly go into our lolita shoes department, you will not feel regret.

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Custom lolita/cosplay/sd doll dress princess shoes
Item Code:LS0101
US$65.45  US$55.63

fashion white cos/sd doll anime princess flower single lolita shoes
Item Code:LS0100
US$63.89  US$54.31

Pink rabbit ears baby cos/sd doll cartoon princess lolita shoes
Item Code:LS0101
US$62.89  US$53.46

Sky blue cosplay and sd doll cartoon princess shoes
Item Code:LS0099
US$65.89  US$56.01
1 Reviews
Beautiful sky blue and red bow lace princess lolita shoes
Item Code:LS0106
US$63.59  US$54.05
1 Reviews
black bow dress shoes black princess lolita shoes
Item Code:LS0105
US$65.00  US$55.25

blue cos/sd doll cartoon princess lolita shoes
Item Code:LS0102
US$64.89  US$55.16

Hot bow cosplay and cute male primary lolita shoes,three colors
Item Code:LS0104
US$65.89  US$56.01

pink cos/sd doll anime lolita princess shoes
Item Code:LS0103
US$63.89  US$54.31

Custom Black Bow Princess Lolita Shoes
Item Code:LS-021
US$65.00  US$55.25

Custom Cute Black And White Plaid Bow Princess Lolita Shoes
Item Code:LS-020
US$65.00  US$55.25

Fashion Black SD Style Lolita White Lace Shoes
Item Code:LS-016
US$65.00  US$55.25

New Arrival Japanese Lolita Blue Bow Shoes
Item Code:
US$65.00  US$55.25

New Arrival Red Bow Princess Lolita Shoes
Item Code:LS-017
US$65.00  US$55.25

New Arrival SD Doll/Lolita Pommel Princess Shoes
Item Code:LS-024
US$65.00  US$55.25

New Arrval Red Bow Lace Princess Lolita Shoes
Item Code:LS-023
US$65.00  US$55.25

Pink Bow Lace Lolita Princess Shoes/Student Shoes
Item Code:LS-025
US$65.00  US$55.25

Summer/Autumn Pink Bow Lolita Shoes
Item Code:LS-022
US$65.00  US$55.25

2018 New Arrival Trochocephalia Bow High Heels Lolita Shoes
Item Code:LS-019
US$95.00  US$80.75

2018 White And Pink Bow Princess High-heeled Sandals.
Item Code:LS-026
US$65.00  US$55.25

Custom Cute Blue And Purple Princess Lolita Shoes With Shoelace
Item Code:LS-015
US$65.00  US$55.25

Custom Red Lolita Bow Sandals Shoes
Item Code:LS-018
US$64.50  US$54.83

Fashion Four Color Bandage Princess Lolita Shoes
Item Code:LS-006
US$65.00  US$55.25

Fashion White And Black Bowknot Lolita Shoes
Item Code:LS-011
US$65.00  US$55.25