The origin of the Halloween!

The origin of the first Halloween

Two thousand years ago , the Catholic Church in Europe will on November 1 as ” All Saints day ” (ALL HALLOWS DAY). “HALLOW” that is the meaning of the saints . Legends since 500 BC , living in Ireland, Scotland, Celtic (CELTS) moved forward this festive day, that is October 31 . They think that day is the day of the formal end of the summer , that is the new year, harsh winter start to the day. When people believe that the spirits of the enemy on this day back in the former residence of the living body to find creatures, to regenerate , and this is the man reborn after death can only hope . The living people are afraid to come and take away the soul of dead students, so people put out the fire on this day , candlelight , so that the soul can not find the living dead , gets himself dressed as ghosts and goblins to scare away the dead Souls . Later, they will re- ignite the fire candle to start a new year of life . Then there is the legendary Celtic tribe in October 31 to pay homage to the dead kill the living customs .

To the 1st century AD , Celtic tribes occupied the territory of the Roman people have gradually accepted Halloween customs, but from burning abolished the barbaric practice of human sacrifice dead . Romans celebrated the harvest festival rituals combined with the Celtics , wearing scary masks , dressed as animals or monsters , it is to get rid of demons wandering around them . This is what most people in the world today, weird dress to celebrate Halloween comes from. The passage of time , the meaning of Halloween has changed gradually , becoming actively happy, festive meaning into the mainstream . Dead soul back to the world to find a substitute argument has gradually been abandoned and forgotten. Even today , a symbol of Halloween images , pictures such as witches, black cats , etc., have a friendly and lovely and big funny face .

The second origin of Halloween

Methods France about the origin of Halloween There are many versions of the legend , the most common that it is derived from the Medieval Western Europe before the birth of Christ countries , including Ireland, Scotland and Wales , which several people called Druids of Medieval Western people . Druids New Year in November 1st , New Year’s Eve, young people set Druitt man team , wearing all kinds of weird masks, carrying a good radish carved lamp ( Department pumpkins late practices, Medieval Western Europe The earliest no pumpkin ) , they walk in between the villages . This was actually as a harvest celebration ; also said to be “Halloween ” , the legend who died that year , the soul will be dead on Halloween eve visit , it is said that people should be allowed to visit to see the ghost of a successful harvest and ghost show a hearty welcome. All bonfire and lights , the one to frighten away the ghost , and also to illuminate the ghost route , and guide their return.

In medieval Europe , there had been destroyed by the Christian pagan history. But before New Year’s Eve celebration ritual never really eliminated, but in the form of witchcraft . That is why we are now Halloween , but are also left witches broom, black cat , spells and other traces .

The origin of Halloween third

Celtic (Celtic) believe Titan help them grow crops . However , the annual Titan will be a man named Samhain evil forces attacked and imprisoned for six months. Samhain, there are two titles , namely the “Lord of Dead ( Death Lord ) ” and “Prince of Darkness ( Dark Prince ) ” , he took the cold and dark winter came to the Celtic lands.

Celtic are very afraid of October 31 night, because they feel that this evening , there are a bunch of evil spirits lurking anywhere. Their home setting fire to make those evil spirits to leave their homes ( on a no translation there is a paragraph that says flame can scare away the ghosts . ) They believed Samhain called out the dead , they also believe that the dead will Samhain into other things, like cats. Celtic will be filled with terrible disguise the group of evil spirits away . ( This is Halloween prototype )

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