Victorian Ball Dress – 1844-48


Ball Dresses – 1844

Evening gowns of the mid-1840s were worn off the shoulder and featured short tight sleeves with either puff decorations or lace trimming. Bodices presented a rigidly boned elongated shape with a waist that formed a perfect point in the front.



Victorian Ball Dress 1844-48

Showcased is a marvelous young lady’s French silk ball dress. The evening gown features short tight sleeves ornamented with puffs, lace and silk ribbon — characteristic of the mid-1840s. The exquisite fabric is a rose pink moiré silk patterned with blossoms and leaves. The elongated bodice is rigidly boned with a glazed cotton lining and features lacing holes to the back. The ball dress is trimmed with handmade black Valenciennes lace and pink striped silk ribbon and bows. The voluminous full skirt measures 164 inches and is slightly trained.


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