How Did Children Dress In the Victorian era?

Children Victorian Dress

Children Victorian Dress

During the Victorian era, Children’s Victorian Dress clothing was often very different from adult clothing. Children’s clothing was usually more colorful, with more embroidery and decorations. The clothing was also more practical and less formal than adult clothing.

For boys, during the early Victorian era, they wore short pants made of a soft material called “knickers.” These pants were usually pleated and had a drawstring at the waist. The boys also wore long-sleeved shirts with high collars and ties, as well as jackets or waistcoats over their shirts. They also wore hats, such as bowlers or top hats, depending on the occasion.

For girls, during the early Victorian era, they wore dresses that were often made of velvet or silk and had long sleeves and high collars. The dresses were often embroidered or decorated with lace or ribbons. Girls also wore aprons or fichus over their dresses, and bonnets or hats on their heads.

As the Victorian era progressed, children’s clothing became more practical and less decorative. Boys began to wear trousers instead of knickers, and girls began to wear more simplified dresses without the aprons and bonnets. Children’s clothing also began to reflect the styles of the adult clothing, with boys wearing suits and girls wearing dresses that were similar to adult clothing.

Overall, children’s clothing during the Victorian era was very different from today’s children’s clothing, but it reflected the times and the importance of family and community in Victorian society.


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