How do you dress like a Victorian lady?

Dressing like a Victorian lady requires a combination of period-appropriate fashion, accessories, and attitude. Here’s how you can dress like a Victorian lady:

Victorian Style Dresses

Victorian Style Dresses


1.Choose period-appropriate clothing:

a. Victorian era clothing can range from romantic and flowy dresses to structured suits. You can find period-appropriate dresses and suits online or at vintage clothing stores.

b. When choosing a dress, keep in mind the fashion trends during the Victorian era, which emphasized waistlines, necklines, and long hemlines.

c. Victorian men wore suits with waistcoats, ties, and bowlers. You can find menswear stores that sell period-appropriate suits or vintage clothing stores that sell men’s vintage suits.
2. Accessorize:

a. Victorian jewelry often included intricate details and patterns, such as hearts, flowers, and birds. You can find vintage jewelry online or at antique stores to accessorize your outfit.

b. Victorian women often wore hats, such as bonnets or turbans, to cover their hair. You can find vintage hats online or at vintage clothing stores.

c. Victorian men often wore top hats or bowlers to accessorize their suits. You can find these vintage hats online or at antique stores.
3. Attitude:

a. Victorian era fashion also emphasized modesty and propriety. Ensure your attire covers your shoulders, knees, and cleavage, and avoid showing too much skin.

b. When accessorizing, choose pieces that complement your outfit rather than overshadowing it.
4. Hair and makeup:

a. Victorian era hairstyles varied depending on social class and fashion trends. You can find tutorials online for Victorian hairstyles or visit a salon that specializes in period hairdos.

b. Makeup during the Victorian era was minimal, emphasizing natural beauty over artificial enhancements. You can achieve a Victorian look by using natural-looking makeup and avoiding too much contouring or bronzing.
5. Footwear:

a. Victorian era footwear often included heeled boots or shoes with pointed toes and decorative details. You can find vintage footwear online or at vintage clothing stores.
6. Undergarments:

a. Victorian era undergarments were typically made of silk or cotton and were designed to support and flatter the figure. Stockings were also commonly worn to complete the look. You can find vintage undergarments online or at vintage clothing stores to complete your outfit.
7. Props:
Victorian era props, such as fans, purses, and parasols, can add authenticity to your look and enhance your characterization. You can find vintage props online or at antique stores to complement your outfit.



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