Lolita dress sense and style

what is Lolita?

Some people think that as long as wearing black and white shirt with lace skirt, is already Lolita, also some people think that Lolita not only dress, in fact, is a kind of spirit, represent the oblivious to the world standard, strike out. Basically, the Lolita concept is derived from European palace, princess, doll series of clothing, Japan Harajuku Street hair Yang light, become a kind of fashion style.

【The three largest ethnic groups】

1 Sweet Love Lolita – to pink, blue, white, pink series, with lots of lace cloth, in order to create a baby cute and naive. Most girls tend to lovely doll clothing, so playing Lolita to play sweet love more. Kyoko Fukada in the play the other belongs to this.

2 Elegant Gothic Lolita – the main color is black and white, is to express mysterious terror and death. Don’t like lovely dress Lolita enthusiasts offbeat selection. Usually cross with silver, black nails and eye shadow, with a mysterious and elegant temperament.

3 – Classic Lolita and Sweet Lolita are basically similar, but with the simple colors, especially tailored to express pure mind, the color is more plain (such as brown and white). The lace lace skirt body is Sweet Lolita for less, and ruffle is the biggest characteristic, showing the noble and elegant style. The design is more simple, it is particularly suitable for Fans to play some of the early Lolita.

【Lolita is not equal to Cosplay!】

Gothic & Lolita is a kind of clothing style, Cosplay is playing a role, must not be confused. In fact, this kind of misunderstanding, because a lot of comic book characters in Gothic & Lolita clothing, like “clamp” the Sakura kinomoto, “Chobits” Chi, they are very popular role, leading some people so as to be confused with Cosplay Gothic & Lolita.

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