The origin of Lolita Dress

orgin of lolita dress<<Lolita>> is the author of Vladimir Nabokov the most widely circulated works, most of the space is a confession of the death of Henbert, tells the story of a middle-aged man with a teenage love story.

The novel was not allowed to release in the United States, for the first time in 1955 by the European Paris Olympia publishing house.

In 1958 the United States finally published version, works a way up to “New York Times” bestseller list in the first. <<Lolita>> has been adapted into a movie. Another related to this song, nouns and fashion style.

Today, “Lolita style” has also become a woman chasing personality, fashion, elegant attitude towards life. Also let Lolita model to the whole world, with the different style of clothing with the birth of lolita.

Lolita clothing mainly style:


Gothic Victorian dresses

Sweet lolita dresses

Punk lolita dresses

Kids’ lolita dresses

Classical Lolita dresses

and so on.

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