Lolita Story (1)

Lolita Story         When we desire in the past time, day and night, now moved back and forth, Nabokov has brought his “Lolita” hit the road. Nabokov Lolita, the men of Lolita, the image of Lolita as desire, can be infinitely close, but never owned by Lolita, the angel, the little witch, this allows Eros surrender hostess, has been wandering, wandering in the United States forty years rich earth, wandering in the twentieth Century literature classic mystery promenade. This is Nabokov in two hundred and forty thousand words are paved the desire journey, shy, awkward, pain, evil difficult journey, in a very hesitant, prose, started slowly daily narration. From any perspective, this is a kind of difficult to imitate life, but it gives us a strong awareness of the resonance shows, it is a model of freedom, one example of humanism, it is still very strange disease, unusual disease, it violates our too normal life, as well as too mature novel style, here, desire and conspiracy as truth is incontrovertible, or truth itself is the desire and conspiracy.

In 1955, “Lolita” by the French Olympia publishing, book side of the city, immediately caused a great disturbance, and was suppressed by the French authorities. The focus of controversy on sex and incest, a Russian aristocrat’s descendant, a graduate of University of Cambridge’s poet, a history of the European literature professor, wrote a book about his stepfather and stepdaughter sex stories, let all decent decent society feel ashamed and uneasy. Well, from the theme, the noble poet Professor novels, composition, attention does contain sex and incest, is just the composition, as water is composed of hydrogen and oxygen atoms, but we will never put the water equivalent of oxygen or hydrogen, with critics say, this is the great works of and “Ulysses” comparable to, more and more people and “Lolita” meet, more and more people get a thrill and choking reading.

Is still desire, the protagonist Henbert professor of mental focus, stubborn past hope quirks, that is the maiden complex. A in a dormant volcano, as long as it is clear, tender, most of the young life, or warm the body light and shadow, driven by the rose approach, there are lava in the bentu, volcano ash flying, this is a man who, from the youth young to middle-aged, the interpretation of poetic soul, resist the habit, hypocrisy, the only reason of indifference, only argument. Has never changed, his secret, his faith. The philosopher Soren? Kerr Kay Gol said, how beliefs, how to live, so Henbert, with his Lolita on the road, from hotel to hotel, a city to another city, walking endlessly, attempted to take forcible possession of small girl. His belief in the truth, his evil desires, all his lost all fear, all comes down to one thing, Lolita is only twelve years old, and Henbert forty years old, she is the name of the daughter, and he is the name of the father, she is the primary objects like pure fairy, he is from hell the stench of the devil. As a father, Henbert opened a new life for Luo, he left Los into school, Los with classmates and friends, Luo began to have their own love, as a lover, a new life in Los Henbert interference destroyed, all near Los boy, have become his imaginary enemy. The father, the lover, the incest, narrative tension is not sufficient to constitute a great works, only these factors to some magic form, time consciousness behavior control and division of a man, only the external ethical conflict evolution as the time, the inherent spirit and let the storm, the living man is willing to bear the storm raging, when consciously infinitely close to the edge of death, narrative tension of novel just sublimation is incomparable artistic charm.


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