Lolita Story III

Lolita Story III

The eve of the October Revolution, young Nabokov with his family began a life in exile, beginning from the Crimea, Turkey, United Kingdom, Germany, France, the United States, until the terminus of Swiss Life, the aloof gloomy exiles, Everywhere No son of Russian rural life was filled with tragic mist. Whistle, wheels, platform, luggage shadowy in the fog, only broken memories, can illuminate more difficult bumpy bitter passion, only memories can bring him a moment of dizziness pleasure. Guest in the country, where the crowd, customs, and all life, he instinctively kept cold distance. As the illegitimate son of an unidentified, was abandoned homeland, abandoned by the world, in order to restore the dignity of the soul, will be more thorough and more stubborn skepticism to this same doubt looked forward to his world. No way back, there is no direction to lead the pace, at a loss, fatigue, a man alone, walking in the fog, everything is unfamiliar. Without faith, it is not a bad thing, because Nabokov found that those who vowed, eventually to the kneeling posture from faith slid down the slope, at the moment, exiles still on the road. Life in exile is dramatic, loungers, squander time, distress, panic, like a mighty being expelled lions, must be desperate struggle for survival. Nabokov seems to exist only in a relationship – personal and the world, against the force come from? That is the desire, passion, and even their own wisdom is negligible, by virtue of wanton mockery of this man of God may be isomorphic rational world. Nabokov in his memoir “Speak, Memory” Lane said: “I only have to get all the space and all the time to join my emotions, to my earthly love, in order to remove it mundane boundaries, in order to help me fight a limited presence in order to develop feelings and thoughts from the infinite world, a fully degenerate, ridiculous and fear. “contributed to the writing of this visibility is premeditated encounter, Lolita is not from out of the small fairies, but from the original homeland of the memory of the initial experience of Nabokov’s daughter hatched, is their own little secret, is claustrophobic inner strange castle. Since from the mother of the day, keep away from the flesh, the soul is in constant returns confrontation implies symmetry, symmetry implies a balance in this other, exotic, rare and transient desires journey, caused a huge reading warm, frank and detailed Nabokov tells us that his book is written for each independent free spirit exiles.

Enter text to open space, just like the world in our hearts, like the open space, memory disorder, derivative plot, time, diffuse, solitary decision in a closed state slowly silently happened. Kundera said: “Modern Art individualism is achieved in the arts themselves, recognized himself, to find his own performance, his glory, his monument.” Fiction is an increasingly complex social cooperation in popular culture has become increasingly prosperous contemporary life, shelter trance individuals. Forces under guard in speech, everyone, opened the book, you can quietly and his “Lolita” ll stay.

Of course, just questioning, defense and comfort is not enough, such things can be left like Nietzsche, Sartre, Foucault as modern thinkers do. As a stylist Nabokov, but also sparked a riot style. “Lolita” in a very very crushed our reading habits, which is novel and do we not find more events, more characters, and the story of ups and downs, all did not. Readability is one kind of pleasure reading anxious state replaced, then what to write, what we can read it like a conspiracy to hide the crisis of character in the narrative of the crisis. Must have patience in this regard, and as much as Nabokov French writer Marcel? Proust, they are like a good detective, did not miss any clues, Proust was recorded aristocratic life ledger, Nabokov is a record of mental activity ledger. But we know Proust like a double agent, he was shuttling back and forth between reality and the spiritual, busy stealing intelligence, living in high society, dance, theater greeting sent, he talked about the positive Is despise him, and he will inevitably suffer from neurasthenia, insomnia, difficulty breathing Asthma kick disease. In parasitic parallelism sentence long, complex sentences and grammar, we read Proust’s tired, his task too heavy, he is committed to showing people’s outer life and the inner life of the whole secret. In Nabokov here, there are two separate lives, not extrinsic and intrinsic, but “my” and others, especially in high society archives Nabokov’s sensibility, ridiculous, funny, stupid The sad part of the capacity is minimal, his interest is not here. We found that those and motels as flexible as simple sentences, but also the desire to journey accomplice, rushes forward with a certain speed. A report on the analysis of their spiritual, personal diaries, court depositions, travel notes, love letters, notes, etc. hybridity one and one without borders and open style, Nabokov cruelly abandoned his readers, his heart only Lolita, his little sweetheart, but we fell in love with Nabokov, this is classic, authors, readers love relationship between the hopeless. We fell in love with a very bad narrator, childlike transparency, confusion and stubborn language, telling their own stories, where the spiral stays, where the fly, are elusive. An accident linked to another accident, excitement and sadness, indulge and despair go hand in hand, we will never know what the broken sentences, words lead us enlivened mountain or cliff, but we still sympathetic, stumbled forward walk. When Proust’s hero is still questionable for the lover in his pocket short sign and worried when Nabokov’s hero has filled into the barrel of his eight bullets, he accurately hit the rival ears, “Flaring a group grand purple”, a surreal picture that Nabokov also suffering from a kick than whooping serious diseases. One kind words mania disorder that afflicts as Lolita possessed writer, as well as a writer possessed of readers. Not so much leisure time Qusi before thought after being the heart of the storm, the storm Xieguo language, intensive vocabulary blowing, Jun engraved our reading facial expressions. What is the form, what is the content of Nabokov from without considering this issue in his works, they have been flesh and blood. If you do not theoretical distinction, which is undoubtedly a classic murder.


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