Lolita Dress Is My Forever Love

Things change when time goes by, no one know what will happened in the future. But there is something right there for you, no matter how time flies, no matter how the world changes. The Lolita dress is my love forever.

When we come to the world, things change as we grow up. The things we eat, the thing we wear, the thing we play with. But for me, there is one thing is in my heart never changes.

When I was a little girl, I always want to dress like a princess. One day, on my way to school, I saw the girl next door. She is 11 years old with blond hair, and blue eyes who dresses in the gothic Lolita fashion style. It shocked me at the moment I saw her, she looks so noble and elegant, the dress was so bright in the sun, The boys were all looking at her, with a admire version. I suddenly realized that it was the dress that made her so beautiful. So I made my decision that I will tell the Santa that I want the Lolita dress as the Christmas presents. That day my dream was realized and I was very happy. So after that, my Christmas presents were Lolita dress, so now I have 6 of them. I love it very much. Most of then was bought from the internet and most of them was from ( Those things were cheap and good quality. I have a fancy for them.

Time goes by, but my love to Lolita never changes. Dressing with it, I am happy.

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